Horse Sponsorship

Why Sponsor?

At Napier RDA, our horses are equal partners with our staff and volunteers in delivering our RDA programmes. The bonds our riders form with their horses can be life changing, and the outcomes for our riders are amazing.

In the course of their RDA work, a horse will be asked to take in their stride things most horses would instinctively move away from. This might include wheelchairs, large groups of people assisting a rider, people they don’t know, riders mounting differently than usual, and busy, noisy activities. It takes a lot of specialised training and desensitizing to enable a horse to overcome their innate flight response and remain calm and steady in these stressful situations.

Having received considerable investment by way of time and training, RDA horses are unique and valuable – as well as being incredibly special to their riders, and to our Coaches and volunteers!

Sponsorship of a horse (or a philanthropic gift designated for that purpose) covers a portion of the costs associated with the on-going care and training.

Support Napier RDA and become a sponsor or benefactor of one of our horses.

Cost Breakdown

The following is a breakdown of the costs associated with looking after an RDA horse for a year, and providing the facilities for its care:

Item Cost
Grazing & pasture maintenance

Feed (hay & hard feed)

Vet expenses

Summer & winter covers

Training & handling

Tack & equipment


Total annual cost

    $    520.00

$    780.00

$    300.00

$    400.00

$ 2,000.00

$    150.00

$    500.00

$ 4,650.00

Sponsorship of a horse is $2,000 for one year, with the right to renew sponsorship the following year. While the costs of caring for our horses exceed the sponsorship value, we expect to also contribute to ensuring our horses receive the care and attention they need!

Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsorship benefits are negotiable, to meet the needs of the sponsor. Recognition for sponsors and benefactors generally includes:

  • Adding your prefix to the horse’s name (e.g. “Sponsor’s Name Krooze”);
  • Receive a framed photograph of your sponsored horse;
  • Announcement of your sponsorship in our newsletter;
  • On-going acknowledgement in our newsletters;
  • Your signage inside our indoor arena at our Meeanee facilities;
  • A media release will be issued about your sponsorship;
  • Open invitation to visit our facilities, and bring clients or other guests;
  • Entitlement to use visuals of your horse and sponsorship in your marketing materials;
  • Right to renew the sponsorship at the end of the 12 month period.

Other benefits may be negotiated to meet the marketing needs of the sponsor.

Napier RDA is a registered charity, so donations are tax deductible.

For more information, or to discuss Horse Sponsorship, please contact:

Dionne Best  –  Group Coordinator/Head Coach


Kirsty O’Hanlon  –  Group Administrator/Assistant Coach

06 834 0556

021 133 5516

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