Ride Therapy Programme

Our core service is our Ride Therapy Programme.

Interaction with a horse, and the effects of its movement on the human body, have significant therapeutic benefits. Therapeutic horse riding is an exciting, challenging and motivating way of developing physical, psychological, educational and social abilities. Our Ride Therapy Programme aims to complement conventional therapies and special education, and our Coaches will work closely with a rider’s therapist to achieve this wherever possible.

Each rider works towards individual goals, with the aim of gaining therapeutic benefits and developing a range of skills that are transferrable into daily life (as well as, of course, horse riding skills!).

Our fully trained Coaches are highly skilled, and expert at challenging clients and maximising therapeutic benefits, while also providing a safe, supportive environment that fosters success for each individual. We welcome the input of parents, caregivers, teacher aides and the rider themselves, to ensure our riders reap the full benefit of their therapeutic riding.

Our Ride Therapy Programme operations during the primary school terms. Riders attend each week, for a 30 minute session. During a session, riders will carry out a range of activities designed to challenge and motivate them, while ensuring they also have fun!

As we have an all-weather facility, our Ride Therapy Programme almost always operates regardless of the weather.

Acceptance of any rider into the Programme is dependent on a number of factors, and a medical consent from a doctor is required prior to commencement.  Please note that weight limits may apply – we endeavour to accommodate all riders but must always prioritise the safety of the rider, the horse, our staff and volunteers.

If you’re interested in joining in our Ride Therapy Programme, please contact us for a Referral/Request form.  Due to increasing demand, we do have a waiting list, but we endeavour to accommodate new riders as soon as we can! (Please note that other documentation and assessment will be required before a new rider can be accepted into the Programme, and completion of the Referral/Request form does not guarantee a rider a place in the Programme).

For more information, or to request a Referral/Request form please contact Napier Riding for the Disabled on (06) 834 0556 or napierrda@gmail.com or if you prefer you can email us through our contact page.

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