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Krooze is a very broad horse, without being particularly tall, and has very smooth, even movement. He has the most remarkably laid-back temperament (nothing really fazes him!), so he is perfect for intensive therapy rides.

Due to his shape and movement, he is ideal for riders who need to sit or lie in different positions, or who need an extremely stable base of support. He knows the ropes at Napier RDA, and while he does have a stubborn streak, he is just as much of a big teddy bear as he looks!

Krooze is kindly sponsored by Margo and Steve Haslett – New Zealand Frost Fans


Okare is a kind, sensitive horse, who tries hard to give effect to the instructions he’s given, making him suitable for riders who are learning to ride independently. He also has a lovely rolling movement (active, but not too big), and has come to be very patient with a variety of rider behaviours, making him well suited to therapy clients with particular needs. He’s also a big smooch – if you’re leading him during a ride or putting his cover on in the paddock, you’re guaranteed to be on the receiving end of a lovely nuzzle or two!

Okare is kindly sponsored by Andy and Jeanette Tyler.


King ADORES attention, and his eye-catching looks and movement ensure he receives it!

King understands his role at RDA well – he is generous and kind with his riders, patiently and calmly accepting all of the noise, movement and stimuli that come with being a therapy horse.


Dougie is the perfect mix of sensitive and sensible – aware of his rider and everything going on around him, but reliable and steady at the same time. He has a lovely fast walk, and beautifully active movement, making him ideal for riders that need greater physical challenge or sensory input.

He is soft, responsive and careful for riders just starting to gain their riding independence, and is also quite happy to step it up a notch for riders that are ready for the challenges of trotting, cantering or even jumping! He knows when he’s done a good job, and appreciates being appreciated!

Dougie is kindly sponsored by Audrey Boyle of Sit Stay Play.


Claude is of a strong build make him very versatile, as he can comfortably accommodate a range of children and adults with varying therapeutic needs.

Claude is quite mischievous and cheeky, and never misses an opportunity for play. You better keep an eye out otherwise you may be on the receiving end of a kiss!

Little Man

Little Man (whose name is now rather ironic, as he’s grown into a tall, sturdy lad!) is personality plus! He’s convinced the arena activities are actually there for him to play with, and likes to test the boundaries on a regular basis. He absolutely thrives on very loud and very effusive praise, and knows how to hang is head and look super sorry when he gets himself in trouble – ensuring he never stays in the bad books for long!


Pie has no idea she’s small, and loves to hang out with the big horses – she certainly fits a lot of attitude into a small package! She enjoys being involved in all of the goings-on, and likes to lie in the sun and watch (she’s also been known to help herself to the kitchen!). Her small size, natural curiosity, and anything-goes nature make her an ideal introduction for clients who are a little unsure of horses.


Piper has joined us from the farm, a lovely girl with a kind nature to match. 

Piper is currently going through her RDA training and hope that she will be in the programme soon.



Breeze is the perfect pony for our young riders who are ready to start riding off the lead, or to start advancing their riding skills.

Breeze is also particularly responsive to her rider’s body language and emotions, which is invaluable for helping riders learn to manage their responses and attitudes. She is a busy, forward moving pony, who prefers to be active and involved, and who seeks affection and companionship from everyone!

Breeze is kindly sponsored by Helen and Roger Stonehouse – Just Cabins HB



Georgie enjoys being close to her favourite people, and loves a hug (she also likes to help herself to our plates at lunchtime!).

Her bouncy, energetic movement and sensible temperament make her perfect for small riders to gain confidence on, while having fun!

Mr Magoo

Mr Magoo is large, fluffy and polite – a true gentleman, who will pick up his hooves for even the smallest of rider, and can be relied on to be careful about where he places himself.

In the saddle, he is free moving and much more energetic than expected, with the sort of large, extremely active movement you’d expect of a horse his size and type. He is well suited to taller riders who need much more movement to remain engaged, but is also fun and exciting (and safe, even off lead!) for much smaller riders too.

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