Our Riders

We operate on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays during the primary school terms.

Riders work towards individual educational, recreational and/or therapeutic goals set by our team of coaches, in consultation with parents, teachers and riders where possible and appropriate.

Rides are 30 minutes in duration, and operate under the supervision of a Napier RDA coach, and in accordance with NZRDA standards and guidelines.

Riders will usually ride the same horse on a regular basis. Horses are carefully selected for each rider, taking into consideration the rider’s physical ability, height and weight, and therapeutic needs. Our horses are our four-legged therapists, and many riders form a strong bond with their horse – so it’s important that horse and rider are a good match.

During a session, riders will carry out a range of activities designed to challenge and motivate them, while ensuring they also have fun!

Riders Stories

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